Jeff Cameron
Revised 26-February-2002

22533 S. Vermont Ave. #59,
Torrance, CA 90502.
(310) 320-7892

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A challenging position in an advanced technology company working on Independent Research & Development in the area of signal processing (specifically acoustic & multi-spectral image processing), or other scientific high-speed numerical computing with additional duties involving management of a local area network with OpenVMS and Macintosh systems.

California State University Long Beach
- Completed BS. Curriculum for Math & Physics with minor in EE.
Control Data Institute - Graduated in 1979 with 92.17% grade average. Completed 6 month curriculum in 3.5 months.
Rolling Hills High School - Graduated in 1973 with honors and special commendation for technical achievements and 3.4 GPA

MTI Inc.
- February 2000 to Present
Customer Service Software Engineer at MTI's Corporate Office in Anaheim, California. MTI is a provider of Advanced Enterprise Storage Solutions Including SAN/NAS storage, Backup and Data replication services, training and Professional services.

Responsibilities - Provide telephone customer support to all OpenVMS customers for in-house developed products which include Robotic Tape Library control, Tape volume management, Heterogeneous Network backup services, Data replication and archiving, cross platform data translation, and other storage utilities. Managed and maintained customer service Website and FTP site. In charge of VMS software revision control and Software Distribution CD publishing. Travel to customer sites to provide training and professional services.

• Performed Market Research, & Engineering Technical development plan to adapt Companies premier product line of SAN storage solutions to work with OpenVMS platforms in Heterogeneous environment, and presented to Board of Directors, as new product offering. Now, MTI, besides Compaq, is the only company to provide SAN solutions to OpenVMS customers.
• Aided in development of Corporate Customer Support Website.
• Responsible for implementing uniform method for software version control to published Software CD distribution.
• Developed software tools and procedures for maintaining customer service response according to ISO9001 standards.

Northrop Grumman
- October 1979 to January 2000
Engineering Specialist at Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems and Integration division, in the Precision Weapons department, Advanced Systems IR&D group, Acoustics and Signal Processing Algorithms organization. My 21 years with Northrop included working at the Electro-Mechanical Division in Anaheim for 4 years, and at Northrop's Research and Technology Center in Palos Verdes for 7 years.

Writing software signal and image processing utilities and tools for staff engineers and research scientists. Provide real-time programming support and implementation into custom hardware or real-time simulation and data collection systems. Write sensor simulation software to model, and generate synthetic data. Act as division administrator of digital signal, sensor, and image databases. Act as building computer and network administrator. DOD approved Secret AIS custodian for two systems. Perform administrative duties concerning software licenses, hardware and software maintenance, capital asset & minor burden budgeting and planning. Instruct fellow employees on various computer related topics both 1-on-1 and formally in classrooms.

• Proposed, designed, installed and maintained a total of eight VAX-Cluster and LAN networks in various divisions of Northrop Grumman, 2 Tempest/Top Secret, 2 Secret SAR, 1 Secret, and 3 Unclassified company proprietary networks.
• Designed, implemented and documented real-time ground station telemetry receiver system to record, and process in real-time aeronautic and sensor data received with GPS information, showing real-time performance and situation truth.
• Proposed, budgeted, procured and installed, field data reduction and quick analysis system for BAT Customer specified tests.
• Designed, implemented, and documented multi-spectral imaging sensor simulation which renders synthetic target signatures in visible light, near and far infrared, and laser radar (LADAR) intensity, range, and Doppler data.
• Developed, enhanced and documented existing signal processing tools for the analysis and data visualization of acoustic, IR, and LADAR sensor data.
• Developed, and documented uniform interactive imaging software systems for various image processing hardware, complete with programming architecture, and program development tools.
• Principle lead in software development for Integrated Tracking Adjunct System (TAS) real-time simulator and trainer.
• Provided real-time implementation of signal processing algorithms on existing platform for application of US. Air force Suppression of Enemy Air Defence (SEAD) activities, and tactical intelligent weapon systems.
• Developed and implemented algorithms for real-time sleep detection and personnel ID system based on eyelid activity, and iris pattern recognition.
• Aided in the development of digital image database conversion, and archiving system for US. Army Center for Night Vision & Electro Optic Labs.
• Real-time factory operating system design and implementation for automated manufacturing and quality control of military aircraft subassemblies.

DOD Secret security clearance, expired November 1999
Secret SAR, and Top Secret., expired 1994-1995


Enhancement of 4D Laser Radar Imagery for Target Identification, 1993 Infrared Information Symposia (IRIS) on Active Systems, Monterey, CA., November 1993, Co-authors Dr. Omar Aboutalib and Dr. Luong Tran.

Regular contributor to Open VMS System Management Technical Tips, Digital Systems Journal, Cardinal Professional Publishers.

Author and Webmaster for Independent Professional OpenVMS Website at

Computer Experience


DEC PDP, VAX, AXP, SUN Sparc, Gould SEL, IBM 360, PC Intel/AXP, Apple Macintosh Motorola & Power PC G3
Special purpose Image processing hardware I2S IVAS, DeAnza, MegaVision XM,
Plug in PC boards including MATROX, Image Technologies, and ATSPI

Operating Systems/Graphical Environments
OpenVMS 7.3 w/XWindows & Motif including in-depth knowledge of the VMS
System Services, internals, Clusters and Galaxies.
Apple MacOS V9.x & OS-X
Microsoft MS-DOS through Windows '98 & ME
Windows NT 4.0/2000
Minimal experience in :
Cyber NOS

Network Operating Systems and Applications
DECNET, AppleTalk Phase 2, TCP/IP, 802.3, SimNet
Pathworks, Pacer link/Share/Print

Network Technologies

Ethernet 10/100 Base & Thickwire, Fibre & Fabric
LocalTalk, ISDN

Programming Languages
FORTRAN, Pascal, Ada, Basic, Lisp, C, Assembly languages for various platforms.
Excellent HTML and Java skills. Micro code for AMD 29116, TI Cx0 family and others. Minimal exposure to RPG, COBOL, and APL.

Productivity Software
Complete familiarity with OpenVMS utilities and internals, VMSClusters and Galaxies
Visual Numerics PVWave & IMSL.
Executive Software Control Master & DisKeeper
Intellicorp KEE Knowledge Engineering Environment
Microsoft Word, Excel, Works, Office, Powerpoint, Outlook
Claris File maker PRO, MacDraw PRO, AppleWorks
Delta Graph PRO
Adobe Photoshop

Enterprise Storage Software
MTI VMS Products : RLM, Tapecontrol, Netbackup Autostor/Archive, Autostor & Tapeconvert.
Veritas Products : Netbackup, Volume Replicator
Legato Products : Networker

Professional Web Site

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