My Family

Page Updated on January 29, 2003

Well, you wanted to see them! Here is most of my relatives on my Mother's side. The Smithen family. We span the globe ranging from England to the United States to Venezuela. Some of us are banned in most other countries. If you have something to say to us, send mail to the Smithen Switchboard.

That's me kneeling in the front holding my niece Alison, on my knee. See what Alison has drawn for me, her "Uncle Jeffie"!

My Wife and Son

Here is my lovely wife Ida, and our son Alvin. Alvin will be 7 years old on May 15, 1998. Here is a picture of Alvin when we went to the San Diego Zoo last year. He wasn't expecting the animals to be so friendly! Come visit Alvin's Home Page of his favorite Internet sites.

My Mother

My mother, Jan Smithen, is quite a remarkable person. Despite being a wonderful Mom, she is very knowledgeable in the area of Organic and Mediterranean Gardening. She works as a teacher at the California Arboretum in Arcadia, California, across Baldwin Ave. from the Santa Anita Race Track.

She teaches several different classes about gardening in the course of a year, and often writes articles for the Arboretum News. She has a particular interest in Mediterranean climate plants, and even has her own video on growing and caring for various kinds of Lavender Called "Lavender in the Garden".

I have finally convinced her to let me create a web site for her. So please come visit her budding new web site.

In the mean time be sure to read her articles, and buy her video on Lavenders.



My Father

Here is a picture of my Father Hugh Cameron, in a field of Sunflowers. My Father passed away on Memorial Day 1998. After his death, the "Hugh Cameron Memorial Scholarship Fund" was created to help graduating seniors from Mira Costa High School. My dad once taught electronics, became Assistant Principal at Mira Costa, and eventually Superintendent of the South Bay High School District. Please visit the "Hugh Cameron Memorial Scholarship Fund" website and help send a deserving young mind to college.

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