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Our Honeymoon in Hawaii


Here are Ida and I shortly after we landed on our first Island, Maui. In Maui we stayed at a 4 star hotel called Stoufer's Renaissance in Wailea. A nice hotel, but they stuck us in a room in the corner of the lowest floor with no view, but it was a nice room. While in Maui, I Biked down Haleakala (the dormant volcano in Maui) from the peak at about 10,000 feet above sea level. In just 35 miles, as the road goes, we reached sea level. Later, we visited old Lahina so we could get some T-shirts from Plant Hollywood. Ida is starting a collection. Next, we took a whole day to travel the infamous road to Hanna in our 4-Wheel Jeep. I loved Hanna! One of these days, I want to retire there and sell lawn sprinklers. On the Fourth of July, we went to go see the movie "Independence Day", and saw some real fireworks from a romantic spot on the Beach at our Hotel. On our last day in Maui, we went to our hotel's Luau, which was supposed to be one of the better ones on Maui, but it rained, and they moved it indoors into a big conference room. What a bummer!





In Kauai, Ida and I spent our time in a little complex called the Hanalei Colony Resort. In Kauai, you take the road North from the airport, and go all the way until the road ends in Hanalei (Home of Puff the Magic Dragon). There you will find the Hanalei Colony Resort. No Phones, No TV, No Radio, and No Internet. This most northern tip of the Hawaiian islands is the most remote spot on the planet, from any mainland. Our room's back porch was only ten feet away from the white sand beach, and each night we would fall asleep with the resting sounds of waves crashing mixed with the sound of ever present rain showers.

Ida has family in Kauai, and I had a wonderful time meeting them all. I felt jealous of their lifestyle. One night, we all had a big "get-together". There was lots of good food! The ladies pretty much stayed inside and talked,

while the boys and I stayed out on the porch drinking brewskies during the occasional downpours.


After Kauai, it was off to Oahu. We took a standard tour bus of the capital, and Ida did allot of shopping. To me , Oahu is like a cross of San Francisco and Las Vegas. The City never sleeps.

In this picture, we met another uncle of Ida's, and he treated us to a show called "The Society of Seven".

Here we are in the Outrigger Hotel in Waikiki, where the show was, with Ida's uncle.

For me, the Highlight of the island of Oahu was a trip to Pearl Harbor to visit the USS Arizona Memorial. But for Ida, she enjoyed the Kodak Hula Show.


Here is a picture of the mass-Hula training. Can you find Ida in the crowd?


Hint! It looks like she's doing the "Hoky-Poky"
Here is a close-up!

Overall, we had a wonderful two weeks visiting three of the Hawaiian islands. A perfect honeymoon!

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