Stupid DCL Tricks

Last Update : August 25, 1999


A fun command procedure to pull an April Fools joke on your unsuspecting users. When this procedure is running, your users see what LOOKS LIKE (but not really) all of their files being deleted.


This command procedure deletes files that have a zero block length.


This command procedure labels a DECTERM window title bar and it's Icon.


This command procedure rebuilds the volume bit allocation map on all mounted writeable disks.


This command procedure provides a simple interactive procedure to set an Access Control List to a group of files or directories.


This is a fun command procedure to put in your SYLOGIN.COM in celebration of St. Patrick's day.


This command procedure trims unused blocks off of files that have more blocks allocated than actually used, leaving files that can not be trimmed, untouched.


This command procedure generates a report about the current configuration of the node that it is being run on. This command procedure becomes particularly usefule in a cluster environment when run by the SYSMAN utility on all nodes of a cluster.


This command procedure generates a comprehensive report on current disk capacity and usage.


My favorite SET DEFAULT command procedure that changes your DCL prompt to let you know where you are, plus some other features.


This command procedure is launched as a subprocess or a batch job, and watches the amount of freespace on a specified disk. When the amount of free blocks dips below a specified value. An OPCOM message is issued and a mail message is sent to a list of specified users.

Thanks to Kevin Barkes for the name of this page.

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