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Last Update : December 15,1999


FORTRAN source for erasing disk volumes under Open VMS by writing all ones, all zeros, random data or fixed 32 bit patterns to all physical blocks of a disk.


Documentation for utility DISK_ERASE.FOR, including usage, restrictions, and installation instructions.


A utility for generating repetitive text where the only a numeric value changes. For example you can generate a list of file names like FILE0001.DAT through FILE1000.DAT, or DCL commands to process many files with sequential numbers in the command. The commands can optionally be sent to DCL for processing, or written to a command file for later processing.


Program to read DCL command procedures and write out a calling tree of the DCL command procedures called with various listing options.


A Quick & Dirty program to read the system VMSMAIL Profile file to list users, and the number of unread mail messages they have.

Automated Backup

Version 1.0 Beta
Updated December 15, 1999

This page provides you with instructions on how to implement an automated backup system for your site. It involves seven DCL command procedures which are available for download. This utility is currently in a Beta-Test version, but I hope you will try it and give me feedback on problems and enhancement requests. It is based on the system I currently use at my site, and has been doing backups for me for the past 7 years.


These four files comprise the TAPESUBS routines, documentation, and command procedure to build a VAX object library of callable routines to perform common magnetic tape operations on a foreign tape volumes. Oprations such as READ BLOCK, WRITE BLOCK, WRITE FILEMARK, SKIP RECORD (forward & backward), SKIP FILE (forward & backward), and REWIND are included. Thes routines are callable from other high level languages. Be sure to download all 4 files, and use DCL RUNOFF on file TAPESUBS.RNO for documentation.


This command procedure is launched as a subprocess or a batch job, and watches the amount of freespace on a specified disk. When the amount of free blocks dips below a specified value. An OPCOM message is issued and a mail message is sent to a list of specified users.


This command procedure trims unused blocks off of files that have more blocks allocated than actually used, leaving files that can not be trimmed, untouched.

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