Last Update : July 2, 1999

for the
DEC Rainbow PC

Back when I was just knee-high to a VAX 11/730, I was asked to teach a class in PASCAL programming, and since I had never learned PASCAL, I thought I had better learn it quick. So I bought Borland's Turbo PASCAL for my trusty DEC Rainbow, and decided on making a complete rewrite of the classic computer game STARTREK, specifically for the DEC Rainbow. Ever since I first published it on several DEC Rainbow Bullitin Boards, I soon learned I had my first big software HIT.


This PASCAL program was not written by me. It was written by a High School Student named Terrance Chang. I commisioned him to write this generic Magnetic tape COPY/LOG/VERIFY program which can duplicate any magnetic tape volume to another tape of the same or different medium. I was so impressed by his ability and speed of this task, I still use this program today, even though it was written in 1984. (In order to link this program, you must also get the TAPESUBS library from my Utilities page.

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