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OpenVMS is the most well-thought-out, stable, and secure computer operating system in the world. Many people have criticized it merely because it is a proprietary operating system. However, despite all of it's criticism, it still holds it's own in the "High Performance", "Fault Tolerant" and "Secure Systems" Computing markets today.

Many financial and medical institutions today use Open VMS as their primary OS of choice because of it's stability, fault tolerance, and security. Military contractors also accept it as the quintessential OS for providing maximum security with maximum numerical throughput.

Even though UNIX has become a more prevalent OS on the Internet, Open VMS has held it's own by perfecting OS clustering for better client/server reliability. Still today no other operating system has a released version that supports multiple system clustering. Not even UNIX or Windows NT. Open VMS has been supporting system clustering for over ten years.

The next step beyond VMS Clusters are VMS Galaxies. A VMS Galaxy is a single machine either in a Cluster or not, that actually runs multiple Operating systems simultaneously. A VMS Galaxy can run multiple instances of hardware context, where each context can be (besides Good Ole' Open VMS) UNIX, and Windows NT. Certainly in the future because the instances are hardware instances in context, that other OSs, like LINUX may also be hosted.

I am an expert in operating system design, and have been involved in the industry for the past twenty-five years. I have taught many classes in operating system design, both for large servers as well as small client workstations.

The following Pages provide assistance in many areas of Open VMS, including System Management, as well as my specialty "High Performance Numerical Computing".

The Following pages have been updated on :
DCL Tricks
VMS Tips
Questions & Answers
Quiz Page
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Be sure to see the new "Number Theory" section in the FORTRAN pages.

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