Top 10 Signs you are an
OpenVMS Fanatic

  1. You know what happened on November 17, 1858.
  2. You don't bother to exit your editor when you leave on a two week vacation.
  3. You have to drive your car a long way to upgrade your "Other" cluster nodes.
  4. You know why the SHOW SYSTEM display had to have the System Uptime field increased beyond 999 days.
  5. Your LOGIN.COM exceeds 200 blocks and is on it's 1000th revision.
  6. You know the correct way of writing a date is
  7. You have forgotten how to boot because your system has been up for so long.
  8. You use your OpenVMS system to backup important files from your PC.
  9. You don't follow up an important VMSMail message with a phone call and a FAX.
  10. You understand that the "Open" is a silent prefix.

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