So you think you are a VMS
System Manager
Updated 25-JAN-2003
Take this quiz to see.

This quiz is intended for entertainment purposes only, and is not
a true measurement of your ability to be an
Open VMS System Manager.

I believe that if your user community is happy with the performance
and reliability of the system they are using,
then you are a successful
Open VMS System Manager

The personal and demographic sections of this quiz, are optional,
and are for my information only. Any information that you
provide will not be disseminated to anyone else
for any reason.

If you want me to respond with your score and correct answers,
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Jeff Cameron  

The Open VMS System Manager Quiz


  1. Name the four layers of any Multi-User Multi-Tasking operating system, starting from the inner most layer.

  2. The inner most layer is responsible for the management of what three resources?

  3. In Open VMS, DCL would run at what level? 
  4. What is the difference between a hardware and a software interrupt?

  5. In Open VMS what is the difference between a symbol and a logical name?

  6. A symbol is only valid in the context of what level(s) of the OS?

  7. A logical name is only valid in the context of what level(s) of the OS?

  8. In Open VMS, what is the difference between a process and a job?

  9. What is the difference between a Global Page and a Global Section, and what are they used for?

  10. What is a Process Page Table?

  11. Global sections are in :
  12. Process Page tables are in :
  13. What does the connection manager do ?

  14. What is the major function of the distributed lock manager in an Open VMS cluster, and why is it called "distributed"?

  15. The Queue Manager is distributed among all nodes in an Open VMS Cluster.
    True    False
  16. If a user submits a job to a batch queue on a system with the SYSGEN parameters WSMAX=16384, and PQL_MWSDEF=1024, and the user's UAF WSDEF=512, and the queue's /WSDEF=2048, what will be the initial working set value that the job will receive?

    Why ?

  17. What is a "Balance Set Slot", and what does it contain?

  18. What are the names of the four areas (called spaces) in virtual memory?
  19. What is a spinlock?

  20. The DCL command $SET VOLUME/REBUILD=FORCE rebuilds what two structures, and where are they located?

    Answer correctly, Win an OpenVMS DCL Bumper Sticker

    When you use the DCL SHOW command, and specify an object keyword which is not defined in DCL, such as $SHOW VMS, you get the following error message :
    %DCL-W-IVKEYW, unrecognized keyword - check validity and spelling

    Given that the object keyword "NODE" is not a valid keyword for the SHOW command, then why does the command $SHOW NODE produce the following error message? :
    %DCL-W-ABKEYW, ambiguous qualifier or keyword - supply more characters
    and not :
    %DCL-W-IVKEYW, unrecognized keyword - check validity and spelling

    Incorrect Answers :
    1. It is an undocumented command.
    2. It is a bug in DCL.

    No correct answer to this question will be given when your quiz is graded. Submissions with the correct answer will receive a free OpenVMS DCL Bumper Sticker. Completed quiz with at least a 50% score must be submitted with correct answer to qualify for free bumper sticker. Winners will be notified in graded quiz, by return email. Be sure to include email in demographics section below. Bumper Sticker offer only good for the first 25 correct answers submitted, through 31-DEC-2003. Only first submission per person is eligible to win. Quiz submissions prior to January 2003 are eligible, but must be resubmitted under above guidelines.

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