System Management Tools

Getting in tune

This page will help you do some important SYSGEN tuning that the VMS AUTOGEN utility fails to do. Follow these steps and calculations to improve your system performance.

Unifying a VMS Cluster

Some VMS clusters, including mixed architecture VMS Clusters have multiple boot disks. This page helps you unify your cluster so that you have one User Authorization, Rights list, Network Proxy, and Queue Manager databases.

Unifying MAIL in a VMS Cluster

In VMS Clusters with multiple boot disks, the MAIL system also needs to be unified. This page helps you unify the mail system in a VMS Cluster.

Adding a new node to your
VMS Cluster

Here are some recommendations to adding a node to your VMS Cluster. This description goes hand in hand with the description in the documentation, and gives you some hints that will help you manage your cluster easier in the future.

Perils of using the procedure

When adding a new node to your Cluster and/or Network, you should use the command procedure SYS$MANAGER:NETCONFIG.COM, but if you just follow the prompts you can easily screw up network MAIL, The PHONE Utility, Network file transfer and more. Read this page to avoid that problem. Also if you get a message saying "Login information invalid on remote node." with MAIL, PHONE or other network operations, we'll help you fix it.

Automated Backup

Version 1.1 Beta
Updated December 15, 1999

This page provides you with instructions on how to implement an automated backup system for your site. It involves seven DCL command procedures which are available for download. This utility is currently in a Beta-Test version, but I hope you will try it and give me feedback on problems and enhancement requests. It is based on the system I currently use at my site, and has been doing backups for me for the past 7 years.

Tuning up your Backup Account

Updated February 14, 2000

IF you have your own BACKUP procedure, or if you use the Automated Backup above, it is important to run your backup from a dedicated backup account that is tuned to maximize backup performance for the given resources of your system. This page helps you determine the process quotas and limits for such a dedicated account.

Shutting Down a Cluster

If you downloaded the CLUSHUT.COM utility
before October 25, 1999, you need to

download version 1.2.

Sometimes you want to bring your Cluster down in a neat and orderly fashion. If you have a large Cluster with multiple boot nodes, and multiple CPU architectures, you may want to bring down certain groups of nodes one at a time. The VMS SYSMAN utility has the feature of using logical names to designate classes of nodes for shutdown or reboot, but this can cause problems if one or more nodes in a class is already down. This utility solves that problem and gives you more flexibility in shutting down your Cluster.

Last Update : November 29, 2000

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