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Last Updated November 29, 2000

   Many people send me eMail when they have questions or problems related to VMS. If you have questions or problems, please feel free to send me your question about VMS or VMS Clusters, and I'll do my best to answer them.
I'm positive I can help any and all questions about OpenVMS, Clusters, and DECNet. However I'm affraid my knowlege of TCP/IP, UCX, Multinet and the like leave much to be desired. So if you send me a question about networking with TCP/IP, please don't expect a great answer. I still have alot to learn.
   Also, with your permission, I'll post your question and my response here on my web site so that others may benefit.
   This page is an index of the eMail questions I have received from visitors such as yourself.
   All eMail questions received by me will not be posted unless you specifically grant me the right to do so, and I will always be cognizant of your right to privacy by never publishing or giving out your name, eMail address, or any other information you wish to keep private.

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File System Cache Tuning
You mention that the ACP_EXTLIMIT parameter should be 50% larger than the ACP_EXTCHACHE parameter. My problem is that within SYSGEN they are in different units. The EXTLIMIT is in PERCENT (of what?) and the EXTCHACHE is in EXTENTS!
Master Node in a Cluster
How do I find out which node is master node in a cluster?
DCL Subroutines
Is there any limit to the number of times that a subroutine in a command procedure can be called?
for the
DEC Rainbow PC
Are you the Jeff Cameron that wrote STARTREK for the DEC Rainbow?
Printer init Strings
When I start a print job at the command line, I type /FORM=COMPR_LANDSCAPE which sends the printer an init string to print in landscape compressed font. How can I find out what this init string is?
Do you know of a utility that can copy tapes created on IBM systems that are in EBCIDIC format to ASCII format?
VMS "HELP" tells me that "SET PROTECTION" has been superseded by the "SET SECURITY" command. But what is the new equivalent for the obsolete command "SET PROT=(W:RE)/DEFAULT"?
Watching Available
Free Disk Space
I'm looking for a software which can run on an Alpha server platform, to watch for free disk space and send an E-mail when a certain threshold is reached.
Where do you recommended "Startup Command Procedures" be executed from in a cluster environment. In the specific or common root?
Shadow Set Merge
operation on the
System Disk
Sometimes when I boot my DSSI Clusters the Merge operation on the System Disk's Host Based Volume Shadowing slows down my entire system response to almost nothing. How do I fix this?
All Those DECW$ Files
Is there any way to move all those files that begin with DECW$ out of the login root directory into another directory, so they won't clutter up the root directory?
Virtual Memory
Limits Exceeded
I'm trying to compile lynx, and a few other useful C applications, but the compiler always dumps out with:

%CLI-F-TEXT, Compiler abort - virtual memory limits exceeded.

How do i fix this?
File Locked
Another User
I'm trying to access a file and VMS is saying it is locked by another user. Any thoughts on how I might be able to find out who the user is?
You R-WASTed

Tape Drives
and the

I've started a backup on a VAX server, and my LAT session has broken. When I got back into the VAX, the process was still active but frozen in a RWAST state. I decided to stop that process, but that didn't work. And the tape device is in a "Mounted/Dismount" state. What do I do?

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